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The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit Training is very popular amongst the fitness fanatics. Many Fitness coach also would put their clients in a circuit training to maximised a 40 minutes’ workout. But what is circuit training you may ask? Well, circuit training is a fast-paced routine which you do one exercise for certain time or repetitions and move...

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About Me

Quick Facts

FITM Essential Personal Trainer
ACE Personal Trainer
EREPS Personal Trainer EQF 4
Member of Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund
MM Sports – Official Team Athlete

Areas of Expertise
Fitness Consultant
Strength Training
Weight Loss

English (Fluent)
Mandarin (Native)
Hokkien (Native)
Malaysian (Native)
Swedish (Beginner)


Member of Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund Member of EREPS
ACE certified Personal Trainer

My name is Simon Te. I have been active in the fitness field for more than ten years and I have been working as a full time personal trainer since 2011. I specialize in weight loss, muscular hypertrophy and general strength training. My biggest sport interests are bodybuilding and rugby. I strongly believe that staying fit is the best way to stay away from future health problems.

Personal Trainer, Fitness First
Island Plaza, Penang, Malaysia: 3rd of May 2011 -1st of June 2011
Designing individual training programs based on each client’s fitness level and goals. And assisting the clients throughout their workouts to provide coaching and ensure proper execution of exercises.

Personal Trainer, Absolute Fitness
The Heritage Club, Penang, Malaysia: 15th of June 2011 – 30th of September 2011
Performing the work of a personal trainer in the competitive Penang market where clients expects training programs to be both individually adapted and fun. In parallel with the personal trainer tasks also making sure sure the gym is in order and that all the machines are work properly.

PT Manager, Absolute Fitness
The Heritage Club, Penang, Malaysia: 1st of October 2011 – 2nd of February 2013
Leading the group of personal trainers at the club helping them to improve the design of their training routines and their interaction with the clients. Among other things providing weekly training for the trainers and ensuring a good and fun environment for both trainers and clients. Also being responsible for the club meeting the monthly sales target for personal training and making sure that all the equipment in the gyms is in tip top condition.

Personal Trainer, Self Employed
Penang, Malaysia: 1st March 2013 – 31st March 2014
Working with an average of 20 to 25 clients per week designing result oriented training programs and guiding clients toward a healthier lifestyle. At the same time making sure they have fun while going through their training.

Personal Trainer, Self Employed
Stockholm, Sweden: 28th October 2014 – current
Having moved to Sweden and gotten my European qualification I have started up my personal training business in Sweden. I work together with clients to help them achieve their goals for health and wellbeing while having fun at the same time.

Train With Me

Meeting your goals

I am here to help you meet your goals, wether it is loosing weight, gaining strength, adding on muscles or increasing your general fitness level. You decide what you want and together we will make a plan that will make it possible for you to reach your goal. Together, my expertise and your dedication will see change happen.

Working together

Personal training is about working together. I am not here merely to tech you how to use the weights, count your repetitions or give pointers on your diet. I will do that as well, but I will also give honest feedback, encourage you and answer your questions. And together we will work on adjusting your training to keep it fun and purposeful.

Having fun

It should not be boring to keep healthy. Having fun working out and being able to enjoy the food you eat is just as important as the right exercises and a correct diet. When it becomes boring to go to the gym or when a diet becomes a burden, that is when you will risk missing your goals. That is why I believe in having fun to get fit.

One On One Personal Training

Single Five
3 300 kr
(660 kr/session)

30 minutes free counselling

Five 50 minutes sessions

One on one training

Gym access included

Single purchase

Single Ten
6 100 kr
(610 kr/session)

30 minutes free counselling

Ten 50 minutes sessions

One on one training

Gym access included

Single purchase

Four Month Plan
2 100 kr
(560 kr/session)

30 minutes free counselling

One 50 minutes session per week

One on one training

Gym access included

Monthly subscription

Single Twenty
11 500 kr
(575 kr/session)

30 minutes free counselling

Twenty 50 minutes sessions

One on one training

Gym access included

Single purchase

I also offer four months and yearly packages with two sessions per week as well as group training. Contact me for more details if you are interested. Access to Allstars Training Center for our training sessions is always included in the price. The gym is located at Hagagatan 31 in Stockholm.

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