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The Benefits of Circuit Training

May 4, 2017

Circuit Training is very popular amongst the fitness fanatics. Many Fitness coach also would put their clients in a circuit training to maximised a 40 minutes’ workout.

But what is circuit training you may ask?

Well, circuit training is a fast-paced routine which you do one exercise for certain time or repetitions and move to another exercise. Usually there will be few exercises in one circuit, and every exercise are called “station.”Circuit training can be very brutal, and can be very mild. It is suitable for any fitness level.

Here are some benefits of doing circuit training:

Maximum results in Minimum time.

You can set as many station as you like and continue through the circuit on the time you set, whether is 15 mins or an hour. You can easily fit in a total body workout in one circuit training.

Time Saving

If you have a busy life ahead of you, but you still motivated to get a good workout. You should give circuit training a try. This is easy to set up and still get the same great workout.

A combination of cardio and strength training

You love weight training but you know cardio is as important. Trying to force yourself to do entire workout can be dreadful, and easy to find excuses to skip. If we combine the good of both sides, the intervals of high intensity heavy weight training and cardio, it can a very serious workout.

Turn yourself into fat burning machine

Circuit training will switch your metabolic into high gear, and turn yourself into a fat burning machine. You burn more calories in 25 mins of circuit training then running on a treadmill for the same amount of time. The Best part is the after burn effect, your body metabolic will stay high for few hours and continue burning calories.

Here Some examples:





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