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Free weights or Cables Better?

Last week I wrote a blog about Compound and isolation Exercises, and someone ask me about Free weight vs Cable, which one better. I meant to write about this for a while now, so here it is. This has been a topic for a long time in the gym. I used to confuse and...

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The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit Training is very popular amongst the fitness fanatics. Many Fitness coach also would put their clients in a circuit training to maximised a 40 minutes’ workout. But what is circuit training you may ask? Well, circuit training is a fast-paced routine which you do one exercise for certain time or repetitions and move...

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Exercising for seniors

We have all heard that exercise is a good way to improve health. But is it safe for seniors to start exercising? The answer is yes! Almost all seniors can benefit from additional physical activity. Regular exercise can postpone and even prevent disease that comes with ageing, improve one’s mood and help managing stress....

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