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The Biggest Fitness Myths (Part One)

Sep 4, 2017

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, gym members constantly ask me about certain fitness idea and need my view about it. Some are very straight forward, and some of them are just ridiculous. But i always believe that, “there is no stupid question.” And I glad that I can clear things out for them.

Most of them are just a fallen victim to bad advice, that include me when I start lifting weight 12 years ago. Today, it is so easy to access to information, all we have to do is just –google it. But not all the information we get are accurate.

So, today I will clear out all the myths that I keep hearing in the gym. With this, I hope it will help with your fitness journey.

Crunches will give you flat abs.

To get flat abs, we need to shred off some extra belly fat. Doing crunches is not going to burn a lot of calories. They are not a good help for fat loss. Flat abs come from a combination of good compound exercises and diet. We see all these bodybuilders, walking around with six packs in the gym. They are getting those from the crunches. They are getting them from squats, deadlifts and chin-ups.

Then more you sweat, the more you lose fat.

Sweating got nothing to do with losing fat. That is our body natural way of avoiding being overheating. Fat is oxidized in your body, not vaporising from your skin.

Protein from meat are better than vegetables protein.

No, they are the same. Just protein!! Pick one and move on!! GOSH!

Weight lifting after cardio will increase the fat loss process.

Doing cardio before weight lifting is not a good idea. You going to be fatigue before hitting the weight, and not able to train properly. Here the thing, you need muscles to burn fat not the miles on the treadmill.

High protein diet is bad for your kidney.

Protein will stress your kidney because they need to work much more to process it. As for a healthy person without any kidney condition, it is ok to consume a slightly high amount of protein. If you follow grams to pound of muscle idea. It is perfectly fine.

If you are not sore the next day, your workout wasn’t hard enough.

Soreness is the inflammations of your muscles. It is not how to measure the intensity of a workout. The most important thing is focus on what happen during that workout.

If you don’t feel the soreness the next day, it does not mean your training is wasted. Not at all.

Big muscles, must be strong!

No, not really! there’s a different between train your muscles to be big and train your muscles to be strong. For bodybuilders, they train to get the size and the shape, that is their goal. In the order hand, Athletes, strength for maximum effort is most important.


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