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Training legs

Nov 15, 2014

Do not skip leg day! I don’t say this just to spare you the embarrassment of some one discovering that your legs look more like those of a chicken than of a human being that works out on a regular basis. Having strong legs is important to avoid injury in your lower back and they will help you keep your balance when the roads get icy in the winter.

The muscles in your legs are the biggest muscles in your body. As such they consume a big portion of the calories you eat every day. So it goes without saying that putting your legs to work to gain strength and flexibility is important both if you want to lose weight and gain muscles.

Too many people skip leg day, think jogging is enough to train their legs or work out their legs half heartedly. I often see in the gym how people neglect their hips and ankles. The consequence of this is diminished flexibility and a heighten risk of injury. A tell-tell sign to me is people not being able to perform proper squats.

A good exercise to increase the flexibility in ones hips is hip thrusts. Lay down on the floor, face up, put your arms along your body with your palms to the floor and bend your legs with your feet to the floor making it possible for you to thrust your hip up in the air.

Slowly thrust your hip upwards and squeeze your hips in the upward position for two to three seconds. Lower your hips slowly and repeat again for about 15 times.

A second exercise I would recommend is a simple squat without any weights. Just stand with your back leaning against a wall and slowly lower down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and slowly raise up again. Repeat.

For the ankles, just remember to stretch. Put the toes of one foot against a wall in about a 45 degree angle. Take a step back with the other foot and slowly stretch for 15 to 20 seconds. Change feet and then repeat a second time.

These are just three simple exercises to get you started and not a complete leg training program. If you want additional advice contact me through my web page.


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