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Things you need to know trying to lose weight

Mar 16, 2017

I have so many discussion with the members in the gym about dieting and losing weight. I keep hearing how hard it is to stay on track. Most of the time they will just give up. I can understand and I can relate. It is frustrating when you do all that you can, but still not losing any weight.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you that might help you throughout your journey.

Learn how to cook

We’ve all heard this before, “six packs are made in the kitchen.” That is true. Same thing goes to losing weight, we need to know what we are consuming and what it will do to our body. By learning how to cook, we can also learn to understand the nutrition in the food we consume. It is also easier for us to control the portions we eat.

Listen to your body.

Each time we go to the gym, we push our body to the limit. we give 110% on each workout seven days a week. We make sure our hard work pays off. And yet, we are not losing weight. then we train harder, hope to lose weight this time but NO!

Sadly, this is the endless cycle I keep seeing in the gym way too often.

Each time we workout, we put a lot of stress on our body, it needs a good amount of time to rest and recover. Plan your training properly, take one or two days off, so that your body can recover and recharge.  Your body will respond to the workout better if your body stay fresh.

So, try to listen, your body will tell you.

Create good eating habits

Create good eating habits. It is very important when you are on a mission to lose weight. Plan your meals properly. Take the effort to create a meal plan. Incorporate it into your daily lifestyle slowly. Be flexible, make some adjustment if you must. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, DO NOT skip any of them, they are equally important!

Proper training plan

This is something that many people pay attention to, yet they are making a lot of mistakes. Too much time spent on weight training, too little time on cardio, and vice versa. A good training plan is where there is a balance of between bot of them.

If you do not know how to make your own training plan, I can help you. I offer several different packages and they all include help with your diet as well.


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